A propos

I’m Guy Raud alias Guiro, I’m a visual artist. My work is on display in my own galerry in Pont-Aven France since 2006. You can contact me by email.

Guiro talks about elegance, imbalanced equilibrium. Moving characters on the verge of rupture, falling, a graphical universe, playful, an original style. Always a hint of humour, a double reading, each piece tells a story.

Motion Creator, he tries to bend metal at its convenience. With steel and stainless steel, he creates its threadlike characters, always light, always vibrant in their balance.

His figures are full of grace and cheerfulness. Guiro created sculpture for different public procurements notably in Guidel(France) and Parès(Spain).
Guiro’s work in photos.

Guiro also received prizes:
2006: 8ème biennale du Haut Poitou: prix du conseil régional (Lencloitre - 86)
2004: Salon de la petite mer: 1er prix de sculpture (Riantec - 56)
2002: 1er prix de sculpture (Gavres - 56)
2001: La Boite aux lettres: 2ème prix de sculpture (Plouay - 56)
2000: Championnat du monde de cyclisme: 2ème prix de sculpture (Plouay - 56)

You can also meet him at his gallery :
7 rue du Port Pont-Aven France